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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is, in my opinion, the single most powerful business-building tool in existence today. Bold claim, but with more than 200 specialized services that range from unlimited storage tools, to event-driven serverless code executors, to cutting edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services - there is nothing you can’t build on AWS!

While each of these services are powerful on their own, the true path to unleashing the power of AWS is in connecting a series of these services together to build a fully fledged solution. Connecting multiple services allows for the development of automated data pipelines, cost-effective servers that only run when you upload new data, and so many more super-powered AWS combos. 

The goal of this project is to share a list of the AWS architecture patterns that drive many of the solutions that I design and build at Red Oak Strategic. While the specific patterns detailed below are battle-tested and among my personal favorites - part of the fun and power of AWS is in mixing and matching the many AWS services is that these patterns can be adjusted and augmented to meet your exact needs. 

Explore the list below to find the pattern that most closely fits your desired solution: 

Use Amazon EventBridge to Launch Containerized ETL and Machine Learning Jobs using AWS Batch and Elastic Container Repository

Run Ad-Hoc SQL Queries against an Endlessly Scalable and Deeply Cost Effective Data Lake with S3, Glue, and Athena 

Deploy Containerized Applications with Best Practice Scalability and Security using App Runner, Elastic Load Balancing, and EC2 Auto Scaling 

Keep Your OLAP Data Warehouse Up To Date via API Gateway, Amazon EventBridge, and Amazon Redshift

Blend Artificial and Human Intelligence for PDF and Image Data Extraction using S3, Textstract, and Augmented AI

Meet Key Stakeholders Where They Live By Delivering Data Insights Through Automated Email Alerts